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Reduce your energy bill by up to 50%!

Year after year energy costs have continued to rise. Innovation continues to improve spray foam technology and performance.  Fiberglass insulation is being replaced with spray foam insulation across America.

Spray foam insulation creates an envelope blocking drafts. Stopping dust and allergens from invading your home. EcoPolySeal is leading the spray foam revolution with world-class performance.

Traditional Fiberglass Insulation VS Spray Foam

Healthy living must have! Spray Foam Insulation Traditional Fiberglass Insulation
Dramatically reduce allergens & dust Yes No
Dramatically reduce noise pollution Yes Sometimes
Seal all drafts, cracks, holes creating an envelope in the home or building Yes No
Create an air barrier to stop drafts Yes No
Create a moisture barrier (closed cell) Yes No
Elimate or reduce mold growth Yes Sometimes
Leading innovation and technology Yes No

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